On this page, you can find information about me as well as links to my blogs, projects, tutorials, among other things.

Why nogoodatcoding?

When I tell people that this is the name of my domain, they get either a confused look (but you're not bad at coding!) or a look that says that they think I'm kidding. Well, here's a quick rundown of the reasons why I came up with this name:

  • I like to think that it immediately gets the reader's attention - what on earth possessed him to pick that name?
  • I needed a unique name to use on the Internet - my own brand that no one else would use or would want to use
  • I wanted it to have something to do with coding or programming or technology
  • This is supposed to be tongue-in-cheek kinda like 'The Motley Fool' or 'Bad Astronomy' (ok, so they aren't really tongue-in-cheek but I couldn't come up with a better example)
  • I can always use it as an excuse if someone points out a flaw with my code :D
  • superawesomeatcoding is really long; plus it sounds obnoxiously pretentious
  • I couldn't come up with anything else

Note To Potential Employers

The name doesn't actually mean I'm bad at coding! I am a pretty decent programmer, even if I do say so myself! Contact me for my resume! :)

About Me


I'm in my 4th semester at Georgia Tech, on my way to getting a Master's degree in Computer Science. I've got my Bachelor's degree in Computer Science as well.

Programming Experience

I'm fascinated by technology and services and so I've dabbled in a variety of different things. I began working with Java about 3 years ago and pretty much all of my work has been with Java - core Java, JEE (Servlets & JSPs) and JME; I'm an SCJP and an SCWCD. I've worked on and off with HTML/XML/JavaScript/CSS, used a few different DBMS' (MySQL, SQL Server among others); I'm familiar with JUnit, QTP, Tomcat, WebLogic, Struts, RSS/ATOM and XMPP. At work, I had the chance to setup and administer VMware's ESX Server. I've used VB6 and C/C++ during my undergrad and it's been a while. But then, it's not the language that's important in programming, it's the attitude and the mental aptitude. I had a Cisco IP phone at work and I discovered that it was possible to customize the display and ringtones on the phone; I began writing a framework called CIP IDLE, for end-users and developers before I had to put it on hold for grad school. Currently, for one of my classes, I'm working with Google's Android and the new BlackBerry Widget SDK.

And, perhaps this doesn't really count as programming experience, but I was pretty active on the Sun Java Forums before I began studying for the GRE and grad school.

Work Experience

I worked for a year with Perot Systems, India, fresh out of college, and just short of 2 years with Adobe Systems, India. I was a Graduate Research Assistant at the GT-RNOC lab at Georgia Tech in Spring 2010.

In Summer 2010 I worked as in intern at RIM (Research In Motion - the makers of the BlackBerry smartphone) at Sunrise, FL. I was a Student Developer on the eBay for BlackBerry team.


My primary interests are technology, programming and music (I play rhythm guitar and can fool around a little bit with drums). But I also enjoy swimming and tennis on the physical side of things. I'm often told I'm pretty good with trivia - I did participate in quizzes when I was in school. In college, I was introduced to JAM and enjoyed participating in quite a few competitions (unfortunately, we always placed second or third!)


With my current coursework, there isn't really any time to blog and so they're currently not being updated, but I have two blogs:


I've done a few hobby projects over the years - I've lost the source for a few but have it for the others. Some are just proof-of-concept or perhaps, not really useful. And again, I really don't have the time to maintain any of them right now or to work on some new ideas I have, but hopefully, I'll be able to get around to it once I graduate or in between semesters

You can see all the projects and their descriptions on the projects page on this site. Some of the major ones are listed below as well:


Every now and then, I come across stuff that is hard to do or understand. I sometimes blog about it but usually the howtos gets too long and detailed to be blog posts so I'll also be cross-posting select ones on the HowTo page.