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CIP IDLE stands for Cisco IP Phone Idle Display Logo Engine. It's mean to be an application that lets you customize the graphics displayed on your Cisco IP Phone. It's also designed to be a framework wherein anyone can write a new module to generate content for the display and let end users plug it into their deployed CIP IDLE server. For example, you could create a new module that displays a quote of the day. Or perhaps one that displays upcoming calendar events. The possibilities are endless.

As a side-effect of development of this project, there are now available pure Java libraries for converting the Cisco Image Document (CIP files) into images and vice versa. These are alternatives to the cip2gif.exe and gif2cip.exe that are distributed with the Cisco Call Manager software. The advantages of using these instead of the Cisco native exe's are:
  • They're 100% Java implementations and so make your code truly platform independent
  • They're available in library form so you can invoke them programmatically and create and work with the CIP files in memory instead of spawning a new process and sharing data via files


This project is hosted on and has it's own subdomain: