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This was written when I was just out of school and had discovered free hosting on Google Pages and the anonymity of the Internet and so the tone of the write-up is rather, shall we say, amusing.


I save a lot of my messages from my Nokia 3120 using a DKU-5 cable (Yeah, I sound so technocool! But its just a simple cable :D) Where was I? Yes. I save a lot of my messages, and the phone browser doesn't give the files unique filenames. So I used to have to put them in to seperate folders to avoid overwriting. Well, around the same time that I got my DKU-5 cable, we started with VB6. And I liked fiddling around with it, coz its so easy (hence the name, nogoodatcoding, since I can't do nothing with nothing else!) So I decided to make a program to read my message file, extract the timestamp and rename the file using the date and time of the message. That way I could easily sort them out and keep track of it all.

I've finished with the program and fixed most (!) of the bugs (Its a small program, I hear you say! What bugs could it have?? Hey, read my id! Again! Again! Till you get it through your head! NO.GOOD.AT.CODING! Do I have to spell it out? Oh. Wait. I just did :D)

Right. To cut it short. Here's the program with help file that'll rename your Nokia message files (.vmg) using a yyyy-mm-dd @ HH-MM-ss format.


To download the setup for Renamer  v2.0.1 in a zipped file (1.86 MB) check the attachments on this page.
Nov 15, 2009, 5:30 PM