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SMS Saver


After sometime of using my Renamer, something got screwed up with my OS and the Nokia Phone Browser wouldn't delete any messages off the phone. Since I didn't exactly have the time to reinstall everything then, I decided instead to make a program where you type in the message and other details and it would save it in the .vmg format (to keep it consistent with the rest of my saved sms'). (No time to reinstall an OS (a couple of hours) but enough time to make a program (quite a lot of hours more!), I hear you say. Where's the logic in that? Well, I was already making this for someone else and I just adapted it to my needs, so there!)

Well, anyway, you type in stuff and set the date and time and the number you got it from and you can save the message in a .txt file or .vmg file, as you like. The name, by default, would be in the same yyyy-mm-dd @ HH-MM-ss that my Renamer uses, but you can change it, individually, for each file.


To download the setup for SMS Saver v2.0.0 in a zipped file (1.70 MB) check the attachments on this page, below.
Nov 15, 2009, 5:39 PM